Success starts with the right strategy.

Since inception, we have generated a proven track record of consistent performance through volatile commodity cycles. We do it with a strategy that is both disciplined and consistent. And we’ve been doing it for nearly 20 years.


  • We have been the partner of choice for 19+ years, with strong industry relationships permitting direct sourcing so we have the time to evaluate opportunities exclusively, prior to a wider auction.
  • We stay true to our strategy – upstream Canadian oil & gas only with a sole focus on the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin (WCSB).
  • We are known as a savvy, ethical and value-added investment partner.
  • Our fund sizing strategy maximizes participation in the best teams in the WCSB.
  • Access to “Previews” from agents and management teams before the formal placement process begins.
  • Repeat Teams: We have a history of restarting successful management teams.

Local knowledge – We know the WCSB

  • Canada holds one of the largest accumulations of non-state owned reserves in the world.
  • The WCSB accounts for more than 20% of drilling activity in North America.
  • The WCSB is experiencing a “rebirth” due to evolving technologies (i.e. multi-stage fracturing).
  • Camcor knows all the participants in the Calgary oil & gas ecosystem.
  • Our technical team of engineers and geologists identify the best teams and play types.

Disciplined Exits

  • Oil & gas commodity pricing is cyclical and volatile. You need a disciplined process to realize your returns.
  • Camcor has exited more than 60 portfolio companies during our 19 year history.
  • We fully monetize our investment when divesting portfolio companies.